Need for modernization

The existing system used telephone lines and dial-up modems to communicate with the main server in the head office. Databases were not updated on a regular basis, because: there was more and more data to be transferred, synchronization of each EPOS machine was carried out separately, and data was transferred from individual computers to the central server only at night.

This process caused frequent interruptions in data flow, delays in settlements of key customers, problems with updating prices and quantities and stocks in stores, and problems with order fulfillment.

The system worked under the control of the archaic MS DOS operating system supported by the Novell Netware network server.

A modern EPOS system

We have created a complete EPOS system, written from scratch, and at the same time functionally compatible with the existing one. The software has been moved to a web platform, thanks to which high hardware independence has been gained.

Implementation of changes

To reduce the need for costly training and delays, the new EPOS was initially visually similar to the graphical user interface known from the previous version of the system. In order to improve the data flow process, we have placed a server in every store, thanks to which real-time replication of data from EPOS computers to the server and then from store servers to the main server took place. We have replaced old EPOS computers with new fast machines working in the Linux environment, which we can manage (repair) centrally, we have built a private company network based on MPLS technology.

We have replaced the old DBF database with a modern and fast relational PostgreSQL database.

Payment card terminals, previously working on the basis of landline telephony, have been replaced with Ethernet type terminals and fully integrated with our EPOS system (there is no need to wait for the connection to be established, employees do not have to enter amounts manually at the terminal).

New possibilities

  • new extensive products catalog,
  • service for suppliers,
  • electronic ordering system from suppliers,
  • Automatic ordering system from the company’s central warehouse (Automatic Replenishment System),
  • warehouse transfers between stores,
  • warranty control system for power tools (power tools),
  • employee purchasing support system,
  • a wide range of promotions: multisave, buy one get one free, promotional vouchers
  • individual price lists,
  • special prices for Accounts clients, based on product groups,
  • service of accounts type clients – billed monthly
  • prepaid corporate customers
  • system of customer cards service (“trade cards”),
  • ID cards for employees (enabling quick identification in the system)
  • and many other functionalities …

In addition to the EPOS system, we have delivered (and constantly develop) powerful office software for headquarters, warehouse and management staff. Our system allows you to generate various sales reports, central store management, stock control, cooperation with financial and accounting packages and many more.

Benefits for the company

Thanks to cooperation with Logic Net and the implementation of a new tailor-made EPOS system, Leyland SDM managed to expand its sales network by opening more stores. The previous system prevented further development because the management lacked basic business information. Since the introduction of the new system, Leyland has opened 15 new branches and modernized many existing ones. The company’s financial results have improved significantly thanks to new sales opportunities, flexible pricing policy and immediate, constant insight into the company’s main business indicators.

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