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Computer graphics

Computer graphics are most often used to make a website more attractive or to create an online advertisement. At your request we will create:

  • banners,
  • animtions,
  • infographics,
  • diagrams,
  • professional presentations,
  • social media profile,
  • a store or webpage project,
  • user interface,
  • vector graphics,
  • 3D graphics.

Our Work

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Simple and strong, tailored to the nature of your company, universal and timeless will:

  • be remembered,
  • distinguishes itself from the competition,
  • emphasize brand individuality.

A good logo is the first and one of the most important steps in building a visual corporate identity.

Identity manual

What is the identity manual? Identity manual is primarily a list of rules and guidelines for the logo we created, it is also a starting point for designing other graphic elements.

We can create an Identity Manual for your company, which contains:

  • description of the meaning,
  • description of the construction,
  • colours,
  • variants of the logo on a light and dark background,
  • mono and achromatic versions,
  • the protective field around the logo,
  • a set of company typeface characters and recommended varieties and sizes,
  • examples of correct and incorrect use of the logo,
  • examples of use.

The Manual created in this way will clearly define how to optimally use the company logo so that it does its job well

Complex visual identity

We will design and deliver:


  • business cards,
  • letterhead
  • stationery,
  • leaflets,
  • folders,
  • calendars,
  • posters.

Other gadgets

  • sweatshirts,
  • company shirts,
  • company car stickers
  • notebooks,
  • lanyards,
  • lighters,
  • cups,
  • key chains.

Our Work

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Graphical User Interface

If you choose from many applications with similar functionality – aesthetically distinctive and user-friendly user interface can be the key to the success of your product.

When designing graphical user interfaces, remember both its usability or otherwise intuitiveness, as well as UX (user experience), i.e. the total user experience.

When designing GUI interfaces, our graphic designers take care of the right design – modern and attractive, as well as that the user can navigate the application as intuitively as possible. All this to make the use of the application pleasant for him, and thus more willingly reach for it.

Our Work

Take a look at some examples of our work or view our portfolio:


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