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store website

One look at the website is enough for the client to know the answer to the question: is it worth visiting? Our graphic designers know what to do to make the answer: YES. The secret is good design: a visible logo, appropriate colours and a perfectly designed layout.


comfortable shopping

How to make customers navigate freely around the store and feel satisfied with their purchases? First, you need to ensure that they can quickly find what interests them. Clear categories and simple product search are essential. Secondly, a secure payment system. Thirdly, a skilful suggestion of purchasing additional products. Our developers will design your store in accordance with the latest web-usability trends.


matching the needs and capabilities of the company

The term ‘online store’ is very broad. It includes both simple projects, based on ready-made IT solutions, which are designed only to support stationary sales, as well as very extensive projects. They are based on dedicated solutions with the possibility of connecting additional modules or programs. It all depends on your needs: the industry, the number of planned products, the expected volume of customer traffic, whether you have your own warehouse and transport, etc. We will help you make the right decisions and based on our previous experience, we will present a number of conditions that must be considered.

Our offer

B2C (business to consumer) systems

stores for individual clients

What should a good online store be like? Of course, safe and customer friendly. So that they can quickly find the selected product, view the latest offers or make a purchase. It should also be easy to use so that the person responsible for its updates can efficiently:

  • add a product,
  • put photo and description,
  • add price,
  • take into account discounts and promotions,
  • send information to the client,
  • trace sales dynamics.

Stores, that we create, are designed to take into account the needs of both the client and the companies that owns those stores.

B2B (business to business) systems

online store or products catalog for your contractors

Your offer may be available to contractors 24 hours a day. Anytime, from anywhere, your business customers may be able to place an order using the real-time offer.

Thanks to appropriate B2B systems you can:

  • enable the purchase and booking of products for each of your clients,
  • assign an individual products catalogue,
  • provide special discounts,
  • create an individual price list or promotional offer.

By servicing contractors through a modern B2B system, you gain the possibility of immediate analysis of order history, thanks to which you can better understand the characteristics of key customer purchases, which will help in better tailoring the offer and further increasing sales.

E-commerce integration

with ERP systems

If the company already runs a warehouse, and its development plans are to make online sales, we can create a store that will be integrated with your current warehouse system (WMS / EPR). This solution will allow you to manage your store directly from your basic warehouse program.

What does this mean for you? First of all, convenience and time saving, because our integrators perform, among others, such functions as:

  • exchange of product information,
  • synchronization of stock levels,
  • order transfer,
  • price update,
  • creating customer profiles,
  • statuses of orders and payments.

Why is it worth entrusting us with the integration process?

  • We have experience in the integration of many IT systems such as: Comarch Optima, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Firmatec iBiznes, Streamsoft PCBiznes or Insert Subiekt.
  • At your request, we can make dedicated modules integrating any software with an online sales system.

Is it all? No

We offer a warranty and a subscription of e-commerce support


We provide a 12-month warranty for the online store we have made.

Under warranty:

  • we correct errors that will appear after launching the store,
  • we provide assistance in operating an online store,
  • we respond to problems with the online store.

Subscription for comprehensive support over online store

As part of which we respond to any problems such as hacker attacks or online viruses, and run the administration of the site, which includes: content supplementation, programming and graphics modifications.

How does cooperation with us work in terms of

creating an online store

Cooperation with us is very transparent and gives you a sense of impact on the result at every stage of implementation


Project overview

You contact us and tell us about the company's needs and expectations in terms of launching online sales
At this stage: we collect detailed information, develop an optimal proposal, ask for the materials we need, we are preparing an appraisal.

Graphic design

You share with us your thoughts, we make appropriate changes and a satisfactory project receives final approval.
Based on the materials you provide, we create a graphic design for the store.


You have time to provide us with texts. In case of having any difficulties, we suggest using our copywriter.
We create a store using proven technologies


You receive a final, finished product.
We publish your new store under the agreed domain.


You can start selling in the online store.


We are happy to answer any questions about the online stores we create. We will try to advise you and help you dispel any doubts.

We invite you to contact us.

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