How do we achieve

this effect?

One could say, that the whole secret is closed in three words:

image, comfort, content.

Visual side,

or how to show yourself from the best side.

There is a common knowledge of social psychology, regarding the enormous impact of first impressions on human sympathies and choices.. Of course, the first good impression can be made only once. We know how to make them on the Internet: modern design, appropriate colors, perfectly integrated characteristic graphic elements – logos, icon graphics or photographs. This is how our graphic designers ensure that your potential customers want to stay on the website as long as possible and that your products and services present themselves as well as possible.

Usability (UX),

meaning caring for client’s comfort.

What is usability? It’s similar to “intuitiveness”, so it’s about ease of navigating the page. To make your site comfortable for people visiting it, it must first of all be responsive – ergonomic and transparent on stationary and mobile devices. Designing websites that look good in any environment requires extensive experience and constant tracking of trends.

Our team is constantly developing in the field of UX. For many of us, this is not only a job but also a passion – that’s why every modern and aesthetic project with high usable quality is a real reason for us to be proud.


how to tell about yourself in the right way.

Right, so how? Here we enter the area of values, goals and offers of your company. If we know the needs of the people we want to reach well and know how we can respond to those needs, we must show them. Knowing what problems they have – we write, how can they solve them with our help, knowing what they are dreaming about – we tell, how we can help to make these dreams come true, knowing what they are afraid of – we point them, how can we prevent black scenarios from happening.  If you find it difficult to compose the right content and put your thoughts in the right words, our copywriters are here to help you develop the right content


which we use to create websites

Is that all? No

We also have for you warranty and additional options


We provide a 12-month warranty for a website created by us.

Warranty includes:

  • correcting errors, that will appear after starting the webpage,
  • providing assistance in using the website,
  • responding to problems with the website.


Additional options

Google Analytics – gives you the ability to track your company’s website traffic.

WordPress – enables quick and convenient management of content on the site.

Subscription for comprehensive website care

As part of which we respond to any problems such as hacker attacks or website viruses. We also administer the site, which includes: content supplementation, programming and graphic modifications.

How does cooperation with us work in terms of

image creation

Cooperation with us is very transparent and gives you a sense of impact on the result at every stage of implementation.


Project discuss

You contact us and tell us about the company’s needs, problems and expectations regarding its image.

At this stage: we collect information, define targets, ask for all the necessary materials, we are preparing an appraisal.

Graphic design

You share with us your thoughts, we make appropriate changes and a satisfactory project receives final approval.

Based on the materials you provide, we create a graphic design.


You have time to provide us with texts. In case of having any difficulties, we suggest using our copywriter.

The project is placed in the Internet space, using proven web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP5.


You receive a final, finished product.

We publish your new store under the agreed domain.


Strona Państwa firmy jest już w internecie.


Chętnie odpowiemy na wszelkie pytania dotyczące tworzonych przez nas stron internetowych. Postaramy się doradzić oraz pomożemy rozwiać wszelkie wątpliwości.

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